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Hello! This is my lolita blog, where I either reblog lolita and lolita related things or post my own outfits <3 (You can find my own photos under the tag #me)
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omfg reblogging till the end of time

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Another winter otome outfit featuring indie brand Peppermint Fox.

Bolero: Innocent World
Skirt: Peppermint Mint Fox ‘Crowning Glory’
Jewelry: Angelic Pretty
Boots: Bodyline
Tights and Beret: Offbrand (ebay)

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~Playing with Polka Dots and Dreaming of Summer Days~

Another summer appropriate outfit (just forget the part where I live in the Southern hemisphere.)
I must find some sheer polka dot socks for this, and I’d also like to make a little ice cream for the bear to hold :3

JSK: Emily Temple Cute
Bolero (worn beneath the JSK): Taobao
Shoes: Bodyline
Accessories: Angelic Pretty

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Wearing Moitié to attend the French Lolita Ambassador’s election ! Mila was ont of the three winners, I am so proud of her. See pictures of the event here !

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Could you guys just spread this around please, it would be really helpful to others, thank you!

Another helpful resource from Lolita Friends for finding lolitas in your area! 

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My outfit for the PD tea party in Olomouc. I’ve ended up with this outfit again, because I wanted to wear something both from Porcelain Doll (the skirt) and Rabbit Heart (headwear)~


today’s outfit featuring the cute skirt I bought at Forever21 yesterday~ I had to take it in about an inch, but I loved it too much to pass up ;u;

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