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Hello! This is my lolita blog, where I either reblog lolita and lolita related things or post my own outfits <3 (You can find my own photos under the tag #me)
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I went shopping with  jenrenfield, and decided to wear my new Rabbit Heart skirt and also to do a thing with my hair.

Skirt: Rabbit Heart shop
Bolero: Metamorphose

Rest is offbrand.


Here’s a photo of my coord from this weekend at my local convention. First brand dress! Yay! I was super excited c: Thank you George V Photography for the photo!

Dress: Berry Garden, AP
Necklace & Ring: AP
Purse, Gloves & Hat: offbrand
Wrist cuffs & Flower arrangement: handmade

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Here are a few detail - pictures of my cdc and rrl coord :)

Wowowowowow, actual goddess!

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realisticsweet in Day Dream Carnival

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Please, everyone, can we just move beyond the whole brand vs. offbrand thing? By contributing to it at all, you’re just fanning the flames. Offbranders: the more you hate on branders, the more you’re going to sound like the special snowflake itas that branders think you are. Branders: the more you hate on offbranders, the more you’re going to sound like the elitist bitches that offbranders think you are. The only reason ‘special snowflake itas’ and ‘elitist bitches’ still exist are because you keep perpetuating those stereotypes.”

Well this is the ultimate truth. I love it.

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By: http://akirachuchuotome.blog126.fc2.com


By: http://akirachuchuotome.blog126.fc2.com


Chiemsee (by Rabbit Heart)

My lolita outfit for a meet-up in July =)

My country lolita outfit for the lolita fashion show on Natsucon~